Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Cake

About 25 years ago... Where has the time gone? Yes about 25 years ago while listening to a radio show (Party Line) on KATE am radio out of Albert Lea, MN; A grandma called this cake recipe in and somehow I managed to copy down all the steps. Now I have changed it up just a bit over the years, so it is much easier and quicker; this is a blast to make, and kids really have fun helping.

We were camping when I made the cake this year! I didn't have extra Jelly Beans leftover from Peter Rabbit.... but if you do, it's fun to mix a bit of coconut with a drop of green food coloring and sprinkle that on top then top the coconut with several Jelly Beans. You can use the chick peeps too, but I like the bunnies because they lay flat up against the cake.

1 cake mix (any flavor) baked as directed
1 can frositing (any flavor)

Decorate as desired.... let the kids help they love it.

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